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Installing SPRNuGet

Installing SPRNuGet is as simple as running the setup.exe file and following the on-screen instructions. 

SPRNuGet is installed on a Site-level scope, so make sure you check the right site collection during the installation. 

Once installed you should notice a new folder in your site's quick launch menu:

Within this folder you can upload all your NuGet packages. To create a better hierarchy of packages you can use folders within the repository folder. For example, you can create a folder called "Client side", than "jQuery" and upload all the jQuery packages you wish to that folder. Once packages are inside the folder they can be ranked using the five stars ranking field.

Once you are done uploading packages, you need to setup Visual Studio 2010 to get them. Open Visual Studio 2010 and click on Tools -> Options.

Then, expand the Package Manager node and click on Package Sources:


Name the new source to your liking (for example: SPRNuGet) and under source use the following address:

http://<your site collection>/_vti_bin/e4d/SPRNuGetService.svc/

Where <your site collection> is the url of the site collection you installed SPRNuGet to. Click OK.

Right click on a project name and choose "Manage NuGet packages..."

On the left side menu you should get the new source you just created and the packages it holds! 

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