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Project Description
SPRNuGet is an extension to the famous NuGet package management system for the .NET platform. SPRNuGet allows you to run your own repository of packages using the powerful features of SharePoint 2010.

SPRNuGet is currently in beta stages and not all of the features are working or fully implemented.

What is it all about?

SPRNuGet combines SharePoint 2010 powerful features such as item security, publishing and UI to help you organize your code packages using build-in features of SharePoint such as folders, item level forms, ratings and enterprise keywords. The following screenshot shows an example for the repository folder:


Once a NuGet package is uploaded to the SPRNuGet folder in SharePoint you'll be able to edit all of the metadata of the package using the following form:

SPRNuget Form

The form allows you to edit the following package metadata fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Summary
  • Language
  • Copyrights
  • Version
  • Icon URL
  • Both the Latest Version and Absolute Latest version fields
  • The project URL
  • The project's License URL
  • Release notes
  • The license acceptance field
  • Tags (from a SPRNuGet term store created during the installation process)
  • Rating

Using NuGet's powerful integration with Visual Studio you'll be able to install packages straight from your local SharePoint repository!

Known issues

  1. Pre-releases are currently unsupported.
  2. Search is not yet implemented. 
  3. Download count is not implemented yet and will always show '0'.
  4. Dependencies are not implemented yet and are not functioning at all.
  5. No support for multiply authors for packages yet.

Whats next for SPRNuGet?

In the coming releases of SharePoint Repository for NuGet you can expect the follows:

  1. add pre-releases support
  2. Implement the search method.
  3. Implement dependencies.
  4. Implement download count and create a usage dashboard with statistics on packages, users etc.
  5. Fix multiply authors bug.
  6. Implement integration with FAST for SharePoint search engine. 
  7. Fix icon for NuGet packages inside the repository folder.
  8. Much much more ;)

Sounds awesome! how do i get started?!

Please refer to the documentation section for installation instructions.

How to stay updated with news and announcements from SPRNuget?

Its super easy:

Get Involved!

SPRNuGet is an open source project and as such we would love to get more contributions to help make it the best damn NuGet repository for SharePoint ever!

Please visit either Johnny Tordgemans's blog or Eyal Vardi's blog and contact us to get a piece of the action!

The project was built with the support of E4D Solutions lts.

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